About Freedom Military Supply Company

Freedom Military Supply Company

Freedom Military Supply Company prides itself on the level of diversity, expertise and experience that our employees bring to our operation.  Combined, we bring over 70 years of individualized specialties in the industry, to insure that your orders are handled with the utmost precision, care and professionalism.  All of our customers are “VIP’s”.

Meet our TEAM:

Michelle Matthiesen; Owner; Michelle has a very diverse employment and skill set background. Holding degrees in Business & Finance with certifications from the Bureau of Industry and Security. Working in Los Angeles and Washington DC as an insurance broker, International Banking in Germany and for over 20 years in purchasing, inventory control, accounting while also serving as a CFO for an international trading company. Her extensive career also includes additional experience with Department of Defense Trade Controls and working closely with Homeland Security.


Nora Pozzi; District Manager; Nora brings with her 20 years in the industry, specializing in supplying the U.S. government and the armed Forces a vast array of materials and supplies. Her leadership, along with our team of experienced sourcing managers, engineers, and quality control personnel is a sure indication that your orders will be handled with the utmost personal and professional service, to insure peak performance and expeditious processing. Nora has cultivated many personal relationships, therefore gaining access to many of the largest OEM suppliers in the United States and its territories, such as BAE Systems. In Nora’s words “I can provide you with the most attractive pricing in the market and the best lead times to suit your needs. All of my customers are VIP’s”

Crystal Davis
; Crystal has worked “Hand in Hand” with Nora for over 5 years. She brings with her vast knowledge of DLA contracts and procurement. Crystal takes pride in insuring that all documentation relating to your requirements are handled accurately and professionally.




Simone Hurd
; Simone is a Service Disabled Veteran (USAF). Her organizational and administrative skills are second to none, not to mention her understanding of military processes and procedures, as well as the requirements for quality control relating to government contracts.




Sarah Abjou; is an Engineering student at Cal State Fullerton.  Sarah is currently working as an intern with FMS.  Her studies, focus and technological aptitude make her a true asset to our operation